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Rainshower Shower Head Filter

Rainshower Shower Head Filter

SKU: 3350

De-Chlorinate Your Shower Water

The CQ 1000 Rainshower shower filter from Premier Research Labs removes over 90% of chlorine from shower water for healthier bathing.

Many people filter their drinking water to reduce the taste of chlorine, but the body can also absorb chlorine in the shower. Chlorine may be absorbed through the skin and lungs, which may harm the skin, hair, lungs and other organs.

CQ 1000 Rainshower Filter Benefits

This shower filter, made with crystalline quartz, converts chlorine into the harmless soluble chloride. De-clorinating your shower water may offer the following benefits:

  • Improved lathering of body washes and shampoos
  • Reduced exposure to toxic chlorine gas
  • Reduced fading of color-treated hair
  • Softer hair and skin
  • Reduced dryness of skin and scalp
  • Suitable for those chemical sensitivities

This shower head is also easy to install and fits most standard plumbing and shower heads (not included). Also works with hand-held shower heads.

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