Daily Hawthorn 600mg, 30ct

Daily Hawthorn 600mg, 30ct

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Maintain Heart Health with Hawthorn

Hawthorn is a shrub native to northern Europe. Its red fruit has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes for centuries. The hawthorn berries contain phytonutrients, which are antioxidants that may strengthen blood vessel walls. Berry and leaf extracts are believed to have a tonifying effect on the heart and vascular system. Hawthorn continues to be studied for its effects on the heart and blood vessels.

Solaray offers a natural supplement called Hawthorn One Daily that supports heart health.

Product Information

  • Contains pure hawthorn extract
  • Provides healthy heart support
  • Supports proper blood circulation throughout the body
  • Helps vital organs function properly
  • Guaranteed potency

No ingredients other than those on the label have been added to this product.