Attention, Fruit Flavor 8oz

Attention, Fruit Flavor 8oz


Liquid Health™ Attention is a liquid focus supplement designed to help improve concentration and demeanor for children and adults. Improving one’s attention and ability to focus can prove to be difficult but Attention provides the essential minerals and amino acids for proper brain development, function, and focus in children and adults.  Liquid Health’s Attention supplement may aid focus and help make daily tasks less of a burden.

Liquid Health manufactures this high quality focus supplement in liquid form. As a result, the important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in our focus supplement are absorbed more quickly and efficiently than supplements taken in pill or capsule form.

Attention liquid focus supplement may help with:

      • mood swings and temper tantrums
      • constant fidgeting
      • difficulty sitting still
      • learning difficulties
      • Impulsivity
      • self-destructive behavior
      • inability to concentrate or stay on task

The widespread use of prescription drugs and behavior therapy to treat these symptoms is a controversial issue for many.  These methods can lead to an improvement in these symptoms but may also have unwanted side effects. They may also have long-term side effects. Our focus supplement, Attention, offers a more natural approach that may aid and support a healthy change in demeanor and concentration in both children and adults.