AquaBiome Fish Oil Max Strength 60ct

AquaBiome Fish Oil Max Strength 60ct

SKU: 10-10012

Maximum Strength Aqua Biome Fish Oil from Enzymedica is the world's first omega blend designed to support a healthy microbiome. Aqua Biome contains DPA, the "missing omega" that other fish oils don't know about. This crucial omega can be converted to either DHA or EPA by your body in an instant.

  • Promotes proper digestion
  • Healthy energy levels
  • Balanced mood
  • Immune system support
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Brain health
  • Supports joint comfort

The Microbiome is the microbial environment of bacteria within our gut. It's responsible for nearly every aspect of total body wellness, directly influencing everything from energy levels, to weight loss, to digestion, and more.

To truly help your microbiome flourish, diversity is key. Studies show that a higher intake of Omegas EPA, DHA, and now DPA are critical for promoting microbial diversity.

The Perfect Omega Blend
The unique Aqua Biome formulas are based on cutting edge science to go the furthest in benefiting complete health by providing the optimal ratio of Omegas DHA, EPA, and DPA. Having these in the proper ratio for human health is now understood to be more important than high dosages alone.

Purest, cleanest, most sustainable Fish Oil on the planet
Using wild caught Peruvian anchoveta and breakthrough manufacturing, Aqua Biome exceeds quality control standards and eco-friendly certifications to become the first Fish Oil to receive Clean Label Project Certification.